Chennakesava Kadapa    my CV
Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering at University of Bolton. Email:
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My research is focused on developing innovative numerical schemes that are robust and efficient for simulating real-world (or industrial) applications rather than those that are limited only to the academic world, without any practical applications.

My research interests:

Animations of few simulations I performed:

Note: These animations are tested on Chrome and FireFox web browsers. They may or may not work on other browsers. If your browser doesn't support the video formats, then please visit my YouTube channel.

Fluid-Structure Interaction:

Incompressible Solid Mechanics and Multiphysics:

Elastodynamics of a prismatic bar with truly incompressible Ogden material

Finite strain bending deformation of flower petals due to growth

Dynamic buckling of thin electroactive polymeric shells

Wave propagation in truly incompressible solid domain